Vinyl: The Beatles - Introducing The Beatles - VJLP-1062 authentic vinyl LP VJ bracket. It is a prized possession because of its distinctive design. characteristics found on ORIGINAL DISCS: "OTHER FINE ALBUMS OF SIGNIFICANT INTEREST". THE 4 SEASONS" Stereo 2LP (Vee Jay) 14.) If youre thinking of introducing the Beatles to a new generation of music fans, you may be wondering how to tell if the music is real or not. "BEATLES RADIO SPOTS" Several (Capitol) , United Artists ) 34.) The color band looked really off to me. Finally, third editions contain Vee-Jay's official back cover, with Introducing The Beatles near the top and the song titles in two columns underneath. Since he had p revious experience at the time in the recording industry, they hired him to work at "Vee Jay" . We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to pass on what we consider to be some of the greatest personal insight that one could ever have imagined obtaining from a recording company of such historical significance. Most Beatles records (both 45s and LPs), even common ones, are worth at least $100 each in near mint condition. This, in my opinion, shows how important their music has become, and how far their music has spread more than 60 years after they first performed together. Vee-Jay used three different inner protective disc sleeves: Blank back / without "Printed in USA" on front cover, Blank back / with "Printed in USA" on front cover, titles on back (originals are very scarce, almost all copies of this version, titles on back / "Please Please Me" with no comma, titles on back / "Please, Please Me" with comma, titles on back / "Please, Please Me" with comma / number "2" on back cover, titles on back / mono cover w/ "Stereo" embossed, left justified titles / indented credits / "LONGPLAYING" one word, left justified titles / indented credits / "LONG PLAYING" two words, left justified titles / "SIDE" (all caps), left justified titles / "Stereo" @3:00 / stereo in medium print / in a serif font. Search within our Price Guide of Sold Auctions. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, "WHITE ALBUM" Stereo / # Less than 34 (Apple) 18.) On most fakes, these overlaps [4] Following this, Transglobal, an EMI affiliate that worked to place foreign masters with US record companies, negotiated with several labels before Vee-Jay Records signed a licensing agreement giving it the right of first refusal on Beatles' records for five years. The cover printing does not look quite genuine. comparison, few folks have that luxury. Originally scheduled for a July 1963 release, the LP came out on 10 January 1964, on Vee-Jay Records, ten days before Capitol's Meet the Beatles!. Last updated:Fri, 31 Jan 20 Running on eBay:2085 auctions are openCompleted:54225 auctions endedSold:24502 ended in a saleAverage record value:$ 85.77 avg valueMaximum record value:$ 12626.16 max value. And, as you can imagine, much research has been done online about this. While it is very helpful to have a known original on hand for Given that it's simply a collection of some early Beatles pop hits, what makes it so rare? for a stereo copy) while the back has catalog number VJLP 1062 (which would The skin tone has an unnatural pink hue. this has been researched and found to be original, it has been playtested and does have some visual defects, however there are no skips or major pops and it does play well. "MEET THE BEATLES" Open-End Interview Compact 33 (Capitol) 28.) Even with the replacement of the two Beechwood Music songs, Vee-Jay and Capitol battled in court throughout the early part of 1964. The best auction result was $1726.99 On average $80.15 was the price paid for this record. This test is known by every expert to be, the item is in fact in the condition described and is the item actually that's being shipped. Thank you for watching! 2 where it remained for nine consecutive weeks. McCartney counting "one, two, three" is omitted; recording starts with "four", Last edited on 14 February 2023, at 16:31, Jolly What! Some of the BEATLES items that are most likely the hardest to locate presently would be: 1.) [38] These counterfeits often omit "Stories" from the album title, since they are circulated without the gatefold cover and the text inside, renaming it Songs and Pictures of the Fabulous Beatles. the Amazon Associates Program via A little about the FIRST US Beatles album from 1964 PLUS SPOT A FAKE! We welcome any comments, suggestions, additions, and/or corrections for this page. A: The Color Band is thin. "LP/M" refers to the words "LONGPLAYING" and "MICROGROOVE", which appear on some of the labels. It is also important to note that our owner is retiring and intends to sell off his entire collection. Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos! Records in true Near Mint to Mint condition, which are very difficult to find, would in most cases command noticeably higher prices. Our auction results for SR-1062 were last updated on 2018-03-11. . including Introducing the Beatles, have been counterfeited -numerous times and Later covers were printed by Ivy Hill Lithograph Co. at their New York and California A few counterfeits do have covers with high quality printing, but their INTRODUCING THE BEATLES BLANK BACK STEREO AUTHENTIC!!! I am very courious to something and was hoping some of you hard core Beatles fans could help me out. Any copy claiming to be stereo which does not play in stereo is a fake. California plant made a small quantity of original monaural covers that have no On Some of the more common variations include Nearly all fakes claim to be in stereo (though the actual sound of the record is often in mono). The 1964 album, featuring the songs 'Love Me Do & P.S. All items are, special circumstances whereby items can qualify for a return, but one reason that's, reflect accurate or current market values, regardless of who the authors. "WE CAN WORK IT OUT / DAY TRIPPER" Red & White Star Line Target Label (Capitol) 22.) . "ANNA / AS ME WHY" Spec DJ #8 PROMO EP (Vee Jay) 3.) [27] Because the album was often pressed quickly between restraining orders, there are almost two dozen different label variations, including mono and stereo copies, manufactured at numerous pressing plants. See all 10 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. $238.00 $ 238. Sold for 11,500.00 USD on 16 Jul 2019. Bona fide stereo copies of Version #2 are also valuable. Start price 10,699.00 USD. Housed in Picture Sleeve). Original covers. [23] It also peaked at number two in Cash Box, and it got to number one in Record World magazine. Here are some ways to spot a real one, and also ID a fake.The legitimate copy shown in . Most copies of Introducing The Beatles on VJ Records are counterfeit. As a result, Transglobal declared its contract with Vee-Jay null and void on 8 August 1963. The Beatles,"Introducing The Beatles",Vee Jay Records. Fans of the Beatles and fake versions of Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles frequently become frustrated and confused. [17] The next single, "She Loves You", was licensed by Transglobal to the Swan label of Philadelphia. "WMCA GOOD GUYS" Promo Picture Sleeve (Capitol) 20.) (39.27 USD) Start price 29.99 GBP. Soon after, "Twist and Shout" was released 2 March on the subsidiary Tollie label with "There's a Place" as the B-side, and "Do You Want to Know a Secret", with "Thank You Girl" on the B-side, was issued on 23 March. Disk label without the rainbow border is printed on glossy paper. Both singles went up to number two on the Hot 100, with "Twist and Shout" reaching number one on both Cash Box and Record World. Beechwood Music, Inc., Capitol Records' publishing subsidiary, owned the American publishing rights to "Love Me Do" and "P.S. characteristics found on COUNTERFEIT COVERS: Some of the more common First came the album Jolly What! splotchy colors do not blend together smoothly and the color green is missing. Vee-Jay was granted a license giving it the right to issue the 16 Beatles' songs it controlled, in any way it saw fit, until 15 October 1964. the cover has some ring wear and the number 21 written on the top left corner, as pictured above; no major wear to cover. I Love You" (Legitimate hype stickers show "Twist and Shout" and "Please, Please Me"), This page was last edited on 14 February 2023, at 16:31. "THE BEATLES" is printed below the spindle hole. We are an online vinyl record store with a huge stock of items ranging though many different music genres including Pop and Beat 1960s, Rock 'n' Roll, R&B (Rhythm and Blues), Easy Listening, Jazz, Dance, Disco, Folk, Soundtracks (Soundtrack), Punk, Country, Classical, Heavy Metal, Comedy, Reggae, Ska, 2 Tone, World, Alternative, Britpop and Spoken Word. The Beatles US Album Collection. During the second half of 1963 it was the only Beatles material available in America, and sold incredibly well; by 1964 a court awarded the rights to all Beatles recordings to EMI/Capitol, and the record went out of print, only to become one of the most counterfeited albums in music history. Release price guide: introducing the beatles on label with catalogue numnber SR-1062, The United States. Start date 17 Mar 2022. The Beatles first album was auctioned off for $14,999 on eBay. the background color. W elcome to our Vee-Jay Introducing The Beatles page. Out of 719 auctions 202 items were sold. Additionally, original copies of the singles and EPs released by the band during their career can also be valued at hundreds of dollars each. To 00 $. The Beatles is the first studio album released by the English rock band the Beatles in the United States. The face colors in this fake almost match I've never heard of a blank back counterfeit. Introducing The Beatles is easily the most counterfeited album in all of Beatles collecting. British Invasion Rock 'n' Roll, The owner of this piece is a member of our group. copy with a back slick printed on flat (vice glossy) stock paper is a fake. Introducing the Beatles was released on the small Vee Jay label in January, 1964 and due to legal action, was out of print by October of that year. I Love You" rose to become the Beatles' fourth number one single on Billboard and their fifth on both Cash Box and Record World.[31][32]. They used full-color reproductions of other albums to solve the issue after it became apparent that a temporary fix was required. Although the record is rare, you might have have heard of the band: it's "England's #1 Vocal Group" the Beatles, and this was their debut U.S. album. Above are three low-rez pages from the book, one each from Albums, Extended Plays, and Singles. Today, their influence can still be felt in the music of many modern artists, showing just how much the band changed the music industry. Sold price: $ 799,99 (Bids: 1) THE BEATLES INTRODUCING AUTHENTIC VEE JAY AD BACK COVER ONLY NO LP. the Vee-Jay logo. It not only marks a significant victory for the seller, but it also demonstrates how popular The Beatles have remained despite their formation more than 50 years ago. Ultimately, the amount an introducing album of the Beatles is worth depends on its condition and whether or not it is a rare pressing. "THE BEATLES & FRANK IFIELD" Stereo or Mono Portrait Cover (Vee Jay) 9.) characteristics found on COUNTERFEIT DISCS: Some of the more common End price 29.99 GBP. authentic "Introducing The Beatles" with VJ bracket logo and an audiomatrix stamp in the runouts. This album is valued up to $7,000.00. Their friendship goes back to their days in the 1950s in Gary, Indiana. "BEATLES SECOND ALBUM" Open-End Interview Compact 33 (Capitol) 26.) [38] These counterfeits can be identified by the cover printing and quality, the label, or the sound quality. recordings were turned over to Capitol on October 15, 1964. An original copy of The Beatles self-titled debut album, popularly known as the White Album, is one of the most sought-after items in the collectible music market. The The Beatles Introducing The Beatles Vjlp 1062 Authentic Vinyl LP Vj. The Beatles is the first studio album released by the English rock band the Beatles in the United States. One of these was Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles (Vee-Jay VJLP(S)-1062), which featured a three-quarters gatefold cover, portrait paintings of the four musicians and the text: The inside cover text describes Paul as the "Nut Beatle" or "Beatle Nut", John as "nearsighted" and the "Chief Beatle", George as the "quietest" and the "one with the deadpan face" and Ringo as the "shortest Beatle" who "will send his steak back if it is not blood red". The Beatles and Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles remained on the Billboard LP chart until 9 January 1965.[36]. is no spine printing and because the photo was enlarged, part of the "S" Because only 3.1 percent of all of the LPs were in stereo,[30] true stereo copies are rare. "Love Me Do"/"P.S. The Beatles are regarded as one of the greatest bands of all time, with their music still being widely distributed. the original ad sleeve is included, and the vinyl is kept in an anti static sleeve. Search within our Price Guide of Sold Auctions. The Beatles on the label. At this point in time there are probably less than a dozen known copies of this, was being sued at the time requiring them to cease all marketing of this album due, publishing rights violations primarily surrounding 2 songs, However they had already pressed a number of vinyls, so they basically tried to, that they actually continued to sell this album, but in different covers, since they could no longer use it. be correct for a mono copy). Many original . ISBN: -932117-57-. top and bottom of the inside cover. In The first issue covers were manufactured in Chicago by the offset printing firm Coburn & Company just after July 23rd 1963. Production & Vendor issues were his areas of knowledge and expertise that he was personally involved with on a daily basis during the "BEATLES" era. quality printing. BTW, there are two dozen VEE JAY variations of this album. Jump directly to Shopping Cart, make your selections and Checkout. While If the group's name is below the center hole, the record is a fake, most likely pressed in the '70s. "BEATLES SECOND ALBUM" Compact 33 (Capitol) 25.) Parts of our site will not function correctly without them. This check can only be made by viewing the End date 26 Jan 2019. The knowledge of how the original should look in every aspect would be the best weapon one could have in detecting counterfeits. After ten days of receiving 24 bids from 13 different buyers, the album was auctioned off. According to one article, a version of this 1964 album sold for $15,000 as recently as 2012! How to tell "introducing the beatles" is real of fake? According to reports, the album was released ten days before Capitol Records Meet The Beatles!. So when you think that the price listed might be higher than you think it should be, please keep all these added costs in mind. It seems almost every copy of this album that turns up is a fake, due to the fact that several different companies in the 60s and through the 70s manufactured an endless array of different counterfeit versions. Small "the". Any copy with a brown border around the front cover is a fake. (Source: - This rare record album, 'Introducing. With their incorporation of a variety of influences from different genres, they created a unique sound that was unlike anything else at the time. With that said, although sometimes not stated in many of our listings he's willing to to offering DISCOUNTS to those who appear to be serious. (not all caps), left justified titles / "Stereo" @3:00 / stereo in small print / "SIDE" (I have the LP in mono.) has red, blue and yellow dots under the top of the back slick The accepted release date. WE WELCOME ALL INQUIRIES! Add those to the more than 30 different authentic versions that VJ managed to . As is the case with every one of the afore mentioned items each time we have offered any of them (when available), people have made offers, but in many cases they were never serious or offers weren't close to being reasonable or reflective of real market value. Collecting original Beatles memorabilia is a great way to own a piece of music history, and the value of these items is only likely to go up in the future. The record was published with catalogue number Vee Jay SR-1062. The sleeve cover was designed by an unknown artist. No unauthorized record release is said to be counterfeit. lettering in the bottom right corner should be black and read "LP 1062". Sold price: $ 810,00 (Bids: 40) BEATLES LP INTRODUCING THE BEATLES VERSION 1 MONO VEE JAY BEAUTIFUL. Ultimately, the amount an introducing album of the Beatles is worth depends on its condition and whether or not it is a rare pressing. This sleeve is the most obvious fake. These two albums marked the only time that two different Beatles' albums, each from a different record label, were released in the same month with one song appearing on both albums. The Beatles' recently fetched $14,999 in an eBay auction. "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Stereo PINK Vinyl LP (United Artists) 17.) The Beatles are one of the most iconic and beloved bands of all time, and as such, any album introducing them is sure to be worth something. I Love You), Used on. The Beatles. After that, it became a highly sought after collector's item, and the counterfeiters took over to fill that demand. This Reference Guide was made to help both the novice and the experienced collector identify and authenticate copies of Introducing The Beatles, including both real and counterfeit issues, and to determine their rarity and value. The most important thing to remember when comparing authentic and counterfeit copies is to distinguish between them. Any with poor quality printing are Here it's about 1 1/4 inches Start date 02 Aug 2020. B: The Beatles below the spindle. have proliferated into over two dozen subsequent albums and singles. The answer seems to be that it was pressed in several limited variations by Vee-Jay records. (US Reissue Pressing with Rainbow Rim Vee-Jay Label. If you kept it, would you listen to . The Beatles was released, Vee-Jay was served with a restraining order stopping further distribution. As a small, [19] On 7 January 1964, Vee-Jay's board of directors met for the first time since the single was released, and it discussed the Beatles' material it had in the vault. Indentifying and Pricing VJLP-1062. United States. Bids Buy It Now. More variations of this album exist than perhaps any record every issued by any artist. This album was one of the first Beatles albums released in the United States. The Beatles. Introducing The Beatles Vee Jay SR1062 Stereophonic cover colored label. We have thousands of items too numerous to list, therefore .. . vendors labored around the clock to meet the enormous demand for this LP. The auction concluded on Thursday, July 12, 2012, at 5:08 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. We point out that "THE BEATLES" are in a category of their own and in cases with many of their extremely rare items, we've sold some of their records even when they did have surface issues, however their value in any condition made these specific items retain certain value and collectability and a buyer would be made aware of it before we would ever sell it. It was released as a LP (12") and appeared on the Vee Jay record label. The But I got home and looked up the album through Google and noticed that its claimed to be "the most counterfitted . Rate the Price of this item. All vinyl records are sold on the basis of their collectibility, rarity, scarcity, with special consideration in some cases given specifically to whom the artist happens to be. "SOMETHING NEW" Compact 33 (Capitol) 29.) One of which is the fact that SELLER FEES can be up to 10% of the Sell Price . eBay. Beatles, The Introducing.The Beatles Mono Rare Original Monarch. Another Any help? The song appeared in the US on both the Vee-Jay album as well as Capitol's Meet The Beatles! [3] On 24 July 2014 the album was certified gold and platinum by the RIAA. Remember that only, ever produced to be paired with all 3 covers. The background colors are yellow/orange be a great addition to anyone's existing collection! inside of the cover at the top and at the bottom. Please take a moment and look over all of our listings. I was shopping at one today and found an identical copy to the one you linked to on eBay at this store. This pressing was released in The United States. If you're not certain, please ask. category: Rock Album Most Frequently Faked. He had always stated that 1964 was very stressful for everyone there. A Beatles 45 record, which is estimated to be worth between 2,500 and 3,000 dollars, is a good example of this. click here: Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles Vee-Jay VJ 1092/VJS 1092. click here: Hear the Beatles Tell All (includes a description of the legitimate 1979 reissue) Vee-Jay PRO-202. On July 22, 1963, Vee Jay Records released what was the first Beatles' album in America. "YESTERDAY & TODAY" Stereo or Mono 1st State BUTCHER COVER LP (Capitol) 12.) According to reports, the Beatles make tens of millions of dollars in royalties each year because they are credited with writing more songs than Harrison or Starr, allowing McCartney and Lennons estate to benefit more from royalties. The disc labels are black and silver with no color band. Worth what you paid for it and more just for how odd it is. The other Introducing song was "I Saw Her Standing There", first released in the UK on the Please Please Me LP. We supply loads of great music from the 1950s right up to the present day to music fans all over the world. Vinyl: Beatles LP "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" Stereo VERSION 1 COLUMN Back RAREST (COA).